Jewellery is sometimes the last thing people think of when they think of regular cleaning. However if you want your Jewellery to go the distance cleaning is key.

Rings with stones need particular attention as claws and settings are not indestructible and in some cases dirt can be the only thing holding your precious stone in place. 

Think of all the things your hands do in a day, now if you're wearing a ring it's likely to have picked up some of the make up you put on this morning, or the cookie dough from the biscuits you decided to bake and some dirt from the garden etc.... Even though you washed your hands the dirt can still be there up under the stones, over time this can build up and sometimes cause irritation or dermatitis on your finger.  Dirt and oils can even add to the wear and tear on your rings.

To make sure your rings are clean at home you can spray them with Sparkle jewellery cleaner, brush gently with a soft toothbrush then rinse and dry with a paper towel. 

I would recommend a professional clean at least once a year, your rings can be checked for any loose stones or signs of wear at the same time and any maintainence can be done to keep your ring's looking their best.

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