Until recently spinel was almost unheard of, but this beatiful stone has more to offer than you might think. Available in red and pink, mauve and lilac, blue and grey even black this underappreciated gem is gaining customer recongnition. 

The demand for Ruby alternatives with the prices of ruby on the increase has rekindled an appreciation for this beautiful gem stone. Once Confused with Ruby and Sapphire for it's vivid Red and Cobalt Blue colours, Many of the famous rubies of history were spinels.  The famous 14th century Black Prince’s Ruby in the British Imperial Crown is actually a red spinel. The two stones are often found in similar locations and are very closely related, spinel is magnesium aluminum oxide and cordundum is aluminum oxide.

With a hardness of 8 on moh's scale, brilliance, sparkle and durability on it's side, it is perfect for use in all kinds of jewellery designs, including engagement and wedding rings. Spinel is most often cut in cushion and oval shapes and when properly proportioned it has excellent brilliance. Spinel has cubic crystals similar to diamond but with indistinct cleavage it has enhanced durability. 

If birthstones are you thing Spinel was recently added as a birthstone for August.


Black Spinel wedding band